Skill Augmentation Services


Craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience

Exploring new methods for creating more engaging workplaces is a priority for today’s corporations. Elements of Gamification added into an eLearning course craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience.

Gamification in eLearning promotes friendly competition, imparts a sense of achievement, engages learners to achieve the desired behavioral change, and motivates learners to advance through the course and take action, thereby influencing their behavior. We offer Microlearning-based Gamification, Personalized Gamification, and also Social media-based Gamification, helping learners collaboratively address challenges and solve problems.

We’ll help you with insights on:

  • Which of your training needs will benefit from Gamification
  • How you can enhance your existing learning through integrating components like Social Learning and Microlearning along with Gamification or Partial Gamification
  • How to use Gamified Assessments