Skill Augmentation Services

Instructor-Led Learning

Effective training, customized and changeable delivery to suit the needs of learners

Our custom, instructor-led training (ILT) services help deliver group synergy and real-time facilitator feedback to learners with a personalized touch.

At eWandzDigital, we focus on highly engaging and interactive application of skills and information using mechanisms such as, competitive games, group discussions, brainstorming and problem-solving activities, and turn up the dial on participation and retention. In advance of face-to-face training, learners are given access to all the relevant module information and reference materials, which they can complete prior to attending the classroom session. This allows the instructor to deliver and reinforce key messages from the material and avoids wasting time on things that can be self-learned.

Also, aVirtual instructor - led training (vILT) offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional classrooms.

With appropriate delivery techniques and activities, as well as video, multimedia, and other integrated components, learners benefit from group dynamics and engagement.