Skill Augmentation Services

Learning Consulting

Beginning with the end in mind

The solutions we provide you are well analyzed with a series of questions: What are you trying to accomplish? What are your performance challenges? What other factors affect this situation? This assures that we are all aiming in the right direction.

Design Thinking

People are core to our solutions. We discern their environment and what is important to them, and believe in co-creating solutions. We leverage Design Thinking techniques in our Learning and Performance Consulting frameworks, whereby our Learning Consultants and Certified Design Thinking practitioners work closely with your HR and L&D teams, business stakeholders, and end learners to identify the real needs and challenges and co-create solutions that will work.


Evaluation is vital for validating the effectiveness of the learning solutions and for making continuous improvements. When evaluation is built into the overall solution and not as an afterthought, the impact can be observed at all levels, including performance, behavior, and business results.