Skill Augmentation Services

Mobile Learning

APP-ly your learning!

Mobile Apps are a rage and we help you make the most out of it. We develop Apps for learning, helping your learners learn the bite-sized way offline or online and help integrate learning into their lifestyle. It’s perfect for just-in-time learning. Now your learners will truly be able to APP-ly their learning!

Mobile devices provide the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere on the go. Mobile learning facilitates multi-device support that provides access to courses across laptops/desktops to tablets/smartphones. It also aligns well to the needs of the changing composition of the workforce (that now includes Millennials). The key benefits include:

  • A learner-centric approach: It provides the required control to the learners to take the training when they want, on the go, and on the device of their choice.
  • It offers higher learner engagement and encourages learners to keep coming back (pull vs. push).
  • It can be used to offer formal training, Performance Support (job aids), and support for ILTs.