eWandzDigital CEO at the Indo-US Indian Youth Leadership Summit by IAC and US State Department

Feb 1, 2019: It was a proud day for eWandzDigital as her CEO, Preeta Chandran, was chosen as a promising Indian Youth Leader to further strategic partnerships between India and the United States. 30 youth leaders across North India were chosen as part of this program. The first event as part of this program was a two-day workshop at the India Habitat Center, where a panel of experts comprising several eminent personalities interacted with the leaders and shared their perspective on a range of topics from Blockchain to cybersecurity, from Indo-US relations to terrorism, and many others.

The program is the brainchild of the Indo American Center in conjunction with the American Embassy and has been sponsored by the US Department of State.

The ever-evolving Indo-American bilateral relations has the potential to become the most defining and positive country to country partnership in the 21st century. The chosen leaders have been considered as the future of a strong and resurgent India as the quintessential building blocks of that partnership. The vision for this group is to become a place where issues of Indo-US bilateral interest and global implications to be researched, discussed, and debated with utmost respect for differing opinions so that India's leaders of tomorrow can form their own learned perspectives.

Eminent personalities such as the national spokesperson of the Indian National Congress, a former Ambassador to the US, the Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of State, Senior Fellow U.S. India Policy Studies at Center for Strategic and International Studies, and several economists of repute were part of the panel of experts.