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eWandzDigital CEO among Top 20 Leaders in E-Learning Industry along with BYJU’S, Unacademy, Physics Wallah, Simplilearn, and Vedantu

eWandzDigital had reasons to cheer yet again when CEO and co-founder Preeta Chandran was named among the 20 Most Reputed Business Leaders Making Impact on E-Learning Industry 2023 by CEO Magazine in February, 2023.

Preeta Chandran stands alongside leaders from popular brands, such as BYJU’S, Unacademy, Physics Wallah, Simplilearn, and Vedantu.

The magazine stated how these young leaders are being instrumental in fast forwarding the growth of the e-learning industry today.

The article dwells about the vast experience and expertise of eWandzDigital’s visionary leaders, CEO Preeta Chandran and founder Pankaj Kumar, who are today leading a 120-member strong team of experts in the fields of digital media, e-learning and content, knowledge management, and technology services.

Their vision, commitment and dedication has seen the young company grow to add 30 plus customers today, including Fortune 500 corporations. The leadership has steered the company through several challenges. To quote Pankaj: “The unprecedented challenges faced in a pandemic-hit world, or the so-called `Great Resignation’, and other typical business challenges, all have been learning experiences, and we have come out of it stronger.”

The article describes the core values of eWandzDigital: integrity, customer partnership, excellence and innovation. Where success, in Preeta’s words, are “delivering value to our customers” but equally important is employee satisfaction, a safe workplace, and a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The article mentions how with its fine leadership, eWandzDigital is steadily striding in the e-learning and digital media space while also strengthening its global partnerships – with its growing footprint in North America.

Preeta sums up her leadership ethos: “Dream big, but don’t lose focus. Some things have always been important, but their importance has been reinforced in these unprecedented times. The values of working hard, staying positive, spreading positivity, staying fit, supporting and developing others, and being kind will always be the bedrock upon which innovation, transformation, and individual and organisational success can be built.”

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