eWandzDigital Carried Out CSR Drive to Distribute Warm Clothes

eWandzDigital, a Noida-based digital media and technology company, took an initiative as a part of its CSR drive to distribute warm clothes to several roadside dwellers and their families shivering in cold. As the temperature in Delhi-NCR declined to as low as 1.6 degrees in December 2019, it becomes really challenging for people to bear such cold weather conditions.

eWandzDigital, made an effort to spread warmth to organize a drive to distribute warm clothes to needy people staying on roads in the chilly weather of Delhi-NCR on December 30. The employees and HR didn't care for the fog and cold winds on the coldest day and gathered out there to distribute warm clothes, woolen jackets, sweaters, caps, socks, warmers, and other essential items to families. Apart from this, they also distributed food and snacks to feed the children of such deprived families.

It is not for the first time that eWandzDigital has organized such a Corporate Social Responsibility drive. Earlier, in September, the digital media and technology company took part in a tree plantation drive to contribute to the environment in effective ways. In addition to this, it also gave the message to reduce the pollution levels and global warming to maintain the ecological balance in nature.

According to Pankaj Kumar, Founder Director at eWandzDigital, employees willingly take part in such CSR drives end up developing a sense of responsibility towards their environment as well as the society in which they live. The company CEO, PreetaChandran added that it is not just the responsibility of NGOs to work for the betterment of society. Rather, a common man also needs to take part in such initiatives by realising his responsibility towards the society and environment.