Business Need/Challenges

  • Lack of a structured new hire onboarding program
  • Inconsistency in knowledge dissemination
  • Increased time-to-productivity reducing operational efficiency

Solution Highlights

  • Creation of scenario-based learning tailored to the customer’s specific needs
  • Three-tier learning architecture to provide a complete learning cycle comprising of:
    • LEARN: Scenario-specific comprehensive download of concepts
    • TRY: Guided simulation for performing in risk-free environment
    • SOLVE: Problem solving using real-life scenarios

Business Impact

  • Reduced time-to-proficiency
  • Reduced fixed and recurring costs through lower Travel & Logistics expenses
  • Decreased development costs due to reusability framework
  • Streamlined onboarding and knowledge transfer
  • Learning nuggets available on customer’s website as Query resolution aids for end customers too