Challenge of dwindling attention spans, workplace demands of multi-tasking – Enhance your training strategy through Microlearning

When it comes to bite-sized learning, we’ve got an entire buffet of solutions spread out for you. Our offerings include: Interactive Videos, Short videos, Kinetic text-based animations, Mobile Apps, Flipbooks, Micro-portals with searchable resources, eBooks and Whiteboard animations in multi-device formats.

Microlearning for employee training provides a great option to address the challenge of dwindling attention spans.

  • Mobile learning format provides flexibility to assimilate knowledge on the go.
  • Nugget-based learning paths feature diverse formats, increasing the engagement factor of professionals compared to traditional eLearning (or macro-learning).

With increased access to technology and media, modern learners are consuming microlearning or small learning nuggets every day. eWandzDigital creates micro-learning solutions for standalone learning as well as for continual learning re-enforcement. These address multiple learning needs: immediate or urgent learning requirements, learning re-enforcements, and self-paced or spaced learning.

Here are some benefits of microlearning:

  • Ideal for just-in-time learning
  • Highly suitable for mobile, on-the-go learners
  • Modules can be completed quickly
  • Effective as a continuous learning format and to supplement other learning components
  • Increased retention of learning

The following are some features of our microlearning solutions:

  • A clear learning outcome set upfront for the microlearning unit
  • Use of interactivity, talking heads etc. for engagement and retention
  • Leverage the power of visuals


Craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience

Exploring new methods for creating more engaging workplaces is a priority for today’s corporations. Elements of Gamification added into an eLearning course craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience.

Gamification in eLearning promotes friendly competition, imparts a sense of achievement, engages learners to achieve the desired behavioral change, and motivates learners to advance through the course and take action, thereby influencing their behavior. We offer Microlearning-based Gamification, Personalized Gamification, and also Social media-based Gamification, helping learners collaboratively address challenges and solve problems.

We’ll help you with insights on:

  • Which of your training needs will benefit from Gamification
  • How you can enhance your existing learning through integrating components like Social Learning and Microlearning along with Gamification or Partial Gamification
  • How to use Gamified Assessments

Engagement, feedback, fun, and motivation are some of the key benefits of gamification. Notably, when engagement goes high, achievement of other learning outcomes goes up as well.
Here are some elements of gamification:

  • Levels and progression
  • Virtual economy/currency
  • Story and plot
  • Social Network
  • Leaderboard
  • Rewards

The solutions we develop are tailored to meet your specific business objectives. Keeping the intended results in mind, we develop and deploy Gamification solutions that turn out to be very engaging and immersive.

We keep in mind your existing technology setup and try to craft solutions that integrate well into your current systems. This means lesser integration hassles and lesser overhead costs.