Software Automation Testing

Why automation testing

Software/application testing is a critical activity for most enterprises, to validate the functionality, performance, quality and other vital aspects of a software. Automation testing has several advantages over manual testing, key ones being the efficiency, productivity, and lower time and costs incurred.

Services provided and tools used

We provide the following services in Automation testing, using popular tools like Selenium:

  • Functional test automation
  • Automated regression testing
  • Web application automation testing
  • Mobile app automation testing

Best practices

To maximize ROI out of automation, we follow some guidelines:

  • Scope of automation: The scope of automation and desired results need to be determined. The following need to be looked at to define the scope:
  • Features that are important for the business
  • Scenarios which have a large amount of data
  • Technical feasibility
  • Reusability of business components
  • Complexity of test cases
  • Tool selection: The right automation tool needs to be selected basis the automation requirements.
  • Framework and scripting standards: Automation framework needs to be selected and scripting standards need to be set. Scripting standards help to Create uniform scripts, comments, and indentation of the code and provide for Adequate Exception handling.
  • Measurement metrics: Metrics need to be identified to measure the success of automation, such as, percentage of defects found, turnaround tie for each release cycle, etc.
  • Maintenance: As new functionalities are added with successive release cycles, Automation Scripts need to be added, reviewed, and maintained for each release cycle. Maintenance becomes necessary to improve the effectiveness of Automation Scripts.