Subtitling and Closed Captioning

Adaptation made easy

We are passionate about helping our clients take their content to all audiences. We use the best in SDH subtitling and captioning technology to ensure on-time, high-quality delivery. We work with all formats and can provide captions in almost any language.

Seamless experience

Our services will enable your hard of hearing audiences to fully enjoy your content and productions. Our expert team is extensively trained to create subtitles to ensure viewers have a seamless experience while watching your content.

Subtitle Formats and Styles

We can provide your subtitles in any format you require. We can render your subtitles onto your master video so that they’re always visible, or embed them into the video so that they’re visible only when selected in the player.

We offer both standard-format subtitles and subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Our team can customize the style of your subtitles from a wide range of options in fonts, type size and text color, as well as background, edging, drop shadow and anti-aliasing. Depending on your particular programming, we are also adept at following style-guides and templates that you might want adherence to. We’re familiar with the particular formatting and style requirements of all of the major streaming platforms and can easily incorporate any specific requirements you may have for your projects.

Subtitling Requirements

Subtitling services are needed for any video with an international audience. Here are some examples:

  • A studio releasing a film or series in multiple markets
  • Product videos or launch videos for a company
  • Public information videos that need to be closed-captioned to make them accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing
  • E-learning videos and lectures for a global audience