The Technology edge

eWandzDigital has deployed technology to deliver high-accuracy transcripts, whatever the industry or content. Transcription services, both audio and video, are indispensable aspects for academic purposes in conferences and seminars, for subtitling, translation, and voice-overs in movies.

Customer-focused, experienced team

We work as an extended team for our clients and understand their requirements. We offer transcription services in English, Hindi, and Indian regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, and others.

Our transcriptionists are chosen for both their outstanding linguistic skills as well as their expertise in specialized fields, such as Medical/Lifesciences, Finance, etc. This results in a much more accurate and reliable transcription, with the use of the right phrases and terminology.

Our professional transcribers have a trained ear and understand what the speaker is saying, regardless of recording quality, background noise, industry jargon, or accents. They combine a perfect command of languages, are able to decipher difficult messages and accents and can create a flawless transcription for all your video and audio files. High quality, reduced costs, complete and accurate transcriptions and a fast turnaround time are the hallmark of our transcription services.

We handle transcription for Internet, audio/video files, TV shows & films, conference or training session recordings, and eLearning videos.