Translation Subtitling and GLP

The Global local

Through our skilled and experienced team of translators and streamlined workflow, we provide our clients with the most cost-effective translation subtitling services.

Our teams understand their local markets and nuances. This allows us to provide high-quality, multi-language versioning.

Quality control

Translation subtitling requires a lot more than simply creating a word-for-word translation and it is important to ensure that translation is not literal, but keeps the context in focus. Our team members, including the Quality Control team, comprise qualified linguistic translators who have vast experience in translating global content. Quality Control checklists and reports enable continuous improvement.

Streamlined translation process

When translating subtitles, it is important to adopt text that can be read easily with what is being displayed in the video, at the right speed. Different languages have different word lengths and sentence constructions. Our translators are adept at having the translated content synchronize precisely with the video, without affecting the accuracy and overall quality of the translation.

Additionally, our translators will carefully select the correct target-language font and suggest the most suitable formats or players to properly view the translated text. Certain fonts and players will not support specific languages, which may affect the way the subtitled content is displayed on screen. This is especially important for Asian languages or right to left languages such as Arabic. Once the translation is completed, our team of multilingual multimedia experts will synchronize the subtitles to the video, making sure that the timing between audio and text is accurate.

The output will undergo quality assurance by both the subtitling synchronization team and the translation QC team, before the file is delivered.

Global Language Platform (GLP):

What is GLP?

GLP is our flagship offering for great localization for your content to adapt it to the Indian audience. As India becomes a great market for your content, we understand that the multitude of languages of this culturally rich nation is something you need help with.

Work with us and reap the benefits of our GLP:

  • Great turnaround time
  • High quality translation into any Indian language
  • High quality subtitling

Give us your content in English, and get back not just translated text, but translated, subtitled, and quality checked content, ready for deployment.

What Does GLP Comprise?

GLP comprises 3 elements:

  • Hiring
  • Skilling
  • Production and Delivery
  • Hiring: GLP’s focus is to seek local language talent from every nook and corner of India. It is not just people who have learnt these languages, rather, it is native Indian language speakers, as they are a real talent pool, that is as yet untapped.
  • Skilling: GLP’s proprietary digital learning modules, tailored to the subtitling industry, are a unique blend of skilling the hired talent on technology, media and entertainment industry, subtitling basics, and software training to perform subtitling. Extensive training on different kinds of episodes, films, streaming media, etc. makes the team adept at translating for the relevant kind of media rather than literal translation, using the right phrases and colloquial expressions, and retaining the original nuances and context. The trained team is then put on mentorship, where they perform supervised production, before finally being independently productive.
  • Production and Delivery: The team is made adept at a variety of subtitling software, including those for specific media companies. The team is also, by now, adept at leveraging technology for each phase of the work.