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Author: Apoorva Raizada

It was hard to keep a healthful lifestyle when we were at the core of a pandemic like the COVID-19. The risks and concerns correlated to finances, childcare, old parents, and work safety obstructed our daily habits, lifestyles, and mental well-being. The risk of the future, the continual communication via news coverage, and the endless social media-driven tide of communications developed a sense of stress. Anxiety is a natural answer to these types of conditions. It shook our sleeping and consuming routines, led to impatience or spontaneous outbursts, low motivation, and even depression. It is now important to keep a healthy lifestyle and get back into our old custom routine by beating the pandemic blues.

Obtaining psychic well-being can be difficult during such outbreaks. However, there are ways to construct a healthier, more adaptable, and more peaceful mind.

Below you’ll find a listing of six habits organizations can encourage employees to develop, so as to make mental and emotional well-being a habit.

This habit converses for itself (excuse the joke). It is also a practice of identifying the things you are going by. Transforming an idea into statements can also help construct the plan that we are thinking in a more objective way.

When conversing with someone, we are faced with viewpoints of our expertise that we might either want to hide from others or find that there are elements we actually need to communicate out powerfully. In speaking, we begin to grow a roadmap of our knowledge and the things that we feel. Expressing can also just mean chatting about issues irrelevant to your problems, like talking about hobbies, house, and institutions – any communication that supports establishing a connection and help from those around us.

Meditation & Exercise:
A healthy body and a healthy mind might seem like a cliché but the truth is they do go hand in hand, as has been well established by medical science too. Giving attention to your body has an immediate influence on the state of your well-being. Developing a habit of exercising comes up with various gains, including confidence, regulation, and taking -out time just for oneself. It's an act of self-appreciation and care that helps you connect with yourself.

The habit of writing is underrated. However, it helps much; in the same way communicating does, with the added perks. It presents a secure scope for you to display the ideas in your mind personally. The advantages of journaling are like those of chatting – by communicating emotions and feelings tangibly, you are connecting and uncovering a complex inner experience that can be hard to make thought-of.

Asking for Guidance:
We often get fatigued or baffled when situations don’t go as per our layout.

An employer may have an employee support program. This service is private and can be obtained for free. You may also be able to obtain professional health support through your HR’s assistance.

Supporting a Colleague:
Talking about mental well-being can appear daunting, but we have all had talks with people about grief, break-ups, and additional day-to-day events – they don’t start quickly but they usually mean a lot to a soul having a hard time.

It all begins with talking with someone about how they are working in a friendly and genuine way – allowing them to realize that you are sincere and friendly.

Flexible Work Options:
Everyone has various interests outside of their job, from their family to well-being requirements. So if flexible work options are possible, like a mix of work from office and work from home, or flexi-hours, it can boost employee support and fulfillment.

Wellness and Productivity
The way employees think and feel has a straight impression on everything from work to communicating with clients. Supporting good psychic health is one of the most important steps to improve productivity and organizational health.

It is worth having a healing approach to your actions. Health isn’t just about healthy food and exercising. It includes emotional well-being and a wholesome approach to total health.

Encouraging a focus on wholesome health through a wellness strategy can benefit the health of employees. It also increases productivity. It has been observed that psychosocial mediation programs have a positive impact on psychic well-being.

We at eWandzdigital, frequently conduct wellness programs for our teams. One such webinar was conducted on February 4, 2021, by a renowned doctor, Dr. Aswati Nair, and the session was about how to handle anxiety, depressing situations, and how to reduce stress. The session was extremely beneficial, with a lot of questions that the teams had being answered by the Doctor.

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Apoorva Raizada
Apoorva finished her graduation at Amity University in English Literature & Language. Writing is Apoorva’s passion and sometimes she doesn’t even notice the moment hopping by when she is writing a piece because she feels exhilarated, as if putting a puzzle together. Apoorva works as an Assistant Manager-Content and Creative with eWandzDigital Services.