Adaptation of Content and Media

Author: Sweta Singh


Adaptation Services- "Adaptation Services, as the term suggests, adapting something to localize which suits the individual needs. Availability of adaptation services has led people to watch documentaries, movies, and series. Language barrier is one of the major reasons for the arrival of Adaptation Services."

Let's understand the adaptation services with the help of some terminologies:

Subtitling - "Subtitling is a form of art. Subtitle has an important role to play when language is unknown to people watching movies around. For something to be considered an art, it has to communicate and express. Subtitles just do these — subtitles are an expression of emotion. The subtitle translator must convey the same emotion portrayed on screen as in the dialogues. Subtitles are primarily focused on those who are deaf and face challenges in hearing. Without adding subtitles to any video, one can't reach a huge audience."

Dubbing- Dubbing preferably substitutes languages. It is the way of conveying the message to the audience in their desired languages. Dubbing is majorly used so that the audience retains the information to the utmost.

Captioning- Content displaying at the bottom of the screen containing dialogues synchronized with sound as in the video with the use of soundtrack can be termed as "Captions". It seems as if the portray wants to illustrate something that the reader wants it to convey with the usage of appropriate words and that is where captioning comes into the picture. Thereby, it acts as a backbone for the huge audience not blessed with proper hearing skills.

In quarantine period, people have nothing to do but have Netflix to watch. This will readily help in going off from the boredom.

Due to the availability of Adaptation Services, people can nowadays enjoy documentaries, movies, and series.


Sweta Singh
A core technical graduate having a keen interest in media and technology and building customer relations. Carried out tasks such as subtitling and also inclined towards technical designing stuffs. Currently working as an Account Manager with eWandzDigital Services.