Business Need/Challenges

  • Training Effectiveness – No way to measure; not aligned to Business Goals
  • Medical Representatives (MRs) spending too much time in classrooms, taking away from field time
  • MRs unable to articulate product USPs effectively to Doctors, as gauged from direct feedback from Doctors

Solution Highlights

  • Byte-sized learning nuggets for MRs, which also double up as detailing for Doctors
  • These nuggets are 3- to 6-minute videos, talking about key product differentiators.
  • Can be used as learning as well as marketing aids: MRs can refresh their knowledge on the go, on their mobiles, and also use the nuggets as eDetailing in front of Doctors, rather than using the traditional detailing process, which Doctors have mentioned as time taking and often like a monologue.

Business Impact

  • Increased engagement with doctors and positive feedback
  • Reduced time to proficiency
  • Reduced Travel & Logistics expenses