Spiritually Positive

Author: Priya Nair

In difficult times, we often get advices of staying positive and to stay strong. Sounds easier than done!  The little voices within our head keep projecting negativity and make it difficult for us to see through our situations. We become so immersed in our sad thoughts that we fail to see there is a power that runs this world and it is capable of healing you.  Yes, you heard me right! Now all you need to know is how to attract that positive energy into your life. 

Asking to be positive becomes simple, once you put forward your spirituality to start your day. Every day brings new sunshine, hope, warmth, and purpose. Happy and spiritual people live life with positivity. They realize and connect themselves with hope and faith. So, try starting your morning with a spiritual routine of expressing gratitude for what you possess and most importantly, for the fact that you are alive and breathing to experience this beautiful life.


Embrace positive mindset. Breathe! Tell yourself – No matter what, it is going to be a great day! To feel the positive energy around, one needs to learn to focus on what is important to her or him. If you are dissatisfied with your job, you will need to focus on changing your thinking or the job. If you are unhappy with your relationship, then address the communication gaps, intimacy factors, or other related issues with your partner. If you are upset with repeated failure in sports or studies, take time to figure out the possible options to succeed in the next attempt. Anything that drains you mentally is toxic. Focus on creating space for what makes you feel good and fade out the negative vibes. If we dwell in our past, constantly controlling the outcome, we may miss the sight of daily miracles.

Final thoughts on being Spiritual to stay positive would be… One needs to trust that the Universe is conspiring to bring the best for you. The energy does ebb and flow, so sometimes, we don’t get what we want. Perhaps it may be testing your patience for a surprise later. This way we may feel happier, lighter, and spiritually connected to the Universe. Learning how to orient oneself to receive  and attract healthy energy is a learning process, but it’s one worth undergoing!